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PAAP isn't just a provider; we're architects of seamless plumbing and heating systems, ensuring that each component contributes to the larger harmony of functionality.


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Welcome to a journey where excellence is not just a destination but a craft we continuously hone at PAAP.


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PAAP traces its roots to a vision of transforming the landscape of wholesale trade. Founded by a team of industry veterans, our journey commenced with a simple yet profound idea — to redefine how businesses source plumbing and heating supplies. At the core of our identity lies a commitment to excellence, not just in the products we offer but in every interaction. Our stringent quality assurance processes ensure that each product leaving our facility is not just a component but a testament to our dedication to reliability, durability, and performance.

In a world inundated with transactions, we emphasize relationships. Every client we serve, every business we engage with, becomes a partner in our narrative. Our success is intertwined with the success of those we serve, making PAAP not just a supplier but a collaborator in your journey. Beyond the spectrum of plumbing and heating supplies, PAAP embodies versatility. We adapt, innovate, and explore new horizons. Our agility in meeting diverse needs positions us as more than a supplier — we are architects of possibility.

Nestled in the vibrant city of Le Havre, at 13 Avenue René Coty, 76600 Le Havre, France, PAAP stands as a beacon of excellence in the wholesale trade of plumbing and heating supplies under the code 4674B. Our journey is shaped by the steady flow of expertise, commitment to quality, and a dedication to keeping the vital systems of homes and businesses in perfect harmony.

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PAAP is more than a supplier of plumbing and heating supplies. Contact us to learn more.